lost in translation.

Story of my life for the past 4 years:

If I can only choose 3 things to do for the rest of my life it'd be sewing, baking, and playing video games.

Much magic 🌀
Such mystery ♠♥♣♦
Wow ❇⭐ (at The Magic Castle)

🍣🍙 so glad we stumbled upon this place! (at M.Y.O Sushi)

Fwiends fowever~♡
Jump together~! ♥ (at Twin Peaks)

10+ hr flight here we go ~_~

Mango papaya milk, green tea roll, and black sesame roll for breakfast keke. #onlyinhongkong #doesntseemlikeagoodcombo

Grandpa! :)

Obligatory shot at #victoriapeak! #hongkong (at Victoria Peak 太平山)

#seafood dinner too awesome for words. #sogood #hongkong (at Happy Seafood Restaurant 快樂海鮮酒家)

So colorful!! (at Lei Yue Mun 鯉魚門)

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